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Easy and simple.


The patient-directed spirometer.


300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma and over 200 million people suffer from COPD.
The functions of the lungs begin to decline long before the first symptoms appear, so that patients are unaware of their condition.
With the Smart One one can detect the health status of their lungs with the same ease as measuring their body temperature and with the same precision of a scientific instrument.
Available for iOs and Android systems

Ideal for lung disease records and self-management of asthma, COPD, patient follow-up after lung transplant, cystic fibrosis and participation in clinical trials.
A mobile phone application is provided with on-screen user guidance (adults and minors) for the flow and air volume tests.
The SMART ONE spirometer connects to the mobile phone wirelessly (Bluetooth), through a special application available free of charge. The results are displayed immediately on your mobile screen as well as the calendar of measurements. You can send them over the phone to the doctor attending you.
It works with 2 AA alkaline batteries, with the ability to perform over a thousand measurements.
Comes with an easy-to-clean plastic mouthpiece.
There is an on-demand protocol (SDK/API) capability for agencies that have or are building their own applications and provide tools to facilitate and integrate into health and clinical trial programs.

Measurement parameters:
• FEV1 (L) , an indicative measurement of lung function for the assessment of patients with COPD.
• PEF (L/min) , indicative measurement for recording patients with asthma.