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CARDIOTENS Ambulatory system for recording Blood Pressure and ECG events
The CardioTens device is an innovative ambulatory diagnostic blood pressure measurement and analysis system with simultaneous 2-channel ECG recording. It has an LCD screen for displaying measurements, battery status (Voltage), as well as auxiliary operating indicators. It can record up to 51 hours continuously. ECG analysis is continuous in real time, as well as ST analysis of heart rate around the clock. There is the possibility of automatic detection and analysis of events with additional recordings during ST deviations, in increased heart rate changes, or in fainting episodes.
Its programming is simple and the user has the ability to preview the ECG traces in real time.
The software that comes with the device can analyze heart rate variability (HRV) in the time and frequency domain.

Technical specifications :

Dimensions: 12.4 x 8.2 x 3.35 cm
Weight: 350g with batteries
LCD screen
Use with alkaline or rechargeable batteries (included)
Autonomy up to 51 hours
Measurement range 30 – 260 mmHg
Accuracy 3 mmHg or 2%
Capacity 1000 measurements
ECG capacity up to 4 hours
Continuous ECG analysis throughout the recording (real time analysis)
Ability to set resolution limits
2-channel ECG
Sampling frequency 200 Hz
24 hours ST, ST-Slope, HR, HRV
HRV in time and frequency
Automatic cuff size detection
Special button for recording events from the patient (Event Marker Button)