Αποστολή 3-5 εργάσιμες μέρες


4 devices in 1 SPIRODOC

Four devices in one unit:



The spirodoc is an innovative system for the investigation / assessment of respiratory function in three (3) dimensions.


It is user-friendly to set up and use either via computer or touch screen, independent of the analysis computer.

The spirometer:

The spirodoc has a detachable spirometer unit. The unit’s flow sensor uses a turbine in combination with infrared rotation measurement, offering guaranteed accuracy without requiring continuous calibration.

The system has a memory for recording and storing up to ten thousand examinations, the results of which are either presented on the device screen, or transferred to a computer for further analysis and printing through special software, offering a complete spirometry examination.
In addition to the classic FVC test, Spirodoc can perform VC and MVV which are now considered very important, especially in cases where FVC cannot be applied satisfactorily.

Spirodoc uses disposable paper mouthpieces. The flow sensor is detachable and must be sterilized from test to test.

It is possible to use disposable sensors at low cost to avoid the sterilization process.

The oximeter:

The Spirodoc has a sophisticated oximetry unit that provides a complete picture of the patient.

Instant assessment of oxygen saturation with SpO2, pulse and plethysmogram indication for use in adults, children and infants.
Perform a 6-minute walk test, with immediate assessment of the patient’s need for oxygen through the innovative “O2-Gap index”, which was developed and implemented by the manufacturer in collaboration with the University of Rome. The application of the integrated 3-axis movement recorder, alongside the oximetry, enables the recording of the patient’s activity and movement during the test, providing a complete picture of the results.
Easy and hassle-free nocturnal oximetry recording for initial detection of sleep disturbances. eg Sleep Apnea. Nocturnal oximetry is combined with the integrated 3-axis motion logger to simultaneously record body posture during sleep.


Mobility Log:

Spirodoc is the first oximetry system to use a built-in motion logger. Through the combined recording it correlates movement (step count, motion analysis, posture) and any episode of oxygen desaturation. In this way, it provides a complete picture for the assessment of patients with respiratory pathologies. eg patients with COPD


The software:

The software that accompanies Spirodoc is very user-friendly, uses a graphical interface, and offers fast and reliable analysis and presentation of results. It also provides the possibility of archiving patients as well as the possibility of recalling and comparing the records taken from them. It also features superior special graphics for pediatric use.