ResMed® Quattro Air™ Nasal Mask

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ResMed’s new lightweight Quattro Air Nasal Mask builds on the proven performance and reliability of the Quattro Series. It provides improved comfort and is particularly easy to use, while weighing 45% less than the previous Mirage Quattro mask.

It consists of limited assembled parts and is particularly durable.

Less weight and bulk on the face – The Quattro Air is lighter with a clearer field of view and less bulk on the face compared to other nasopharyngeal masks, so patients are less likely to experience claustrophobia or discomfort.

Intuitive and uncomplicated – Quattro Air is simple for patients to use, for quick and easy cleaning and reassembly.

Fixed faceplate – The advanced Flex-Wing faceplate features flexible wings to support the face with softness and comfort.

Silent operation – The circular ventilation opening gently and quietly disperses the air flow so as not to disturb the patient and his relatives.

All mask replacement parts are available.