Αποστολή 3-5 εργάσιμες μέρες

The devilbiss healthcare automatic CPAP device is made in America, has a three-year dealer warranty, weighs only 1.18 kg, comes with a carrying bag and is completely silent, producing less than 26db of noise during operation. Super easy to use, as soon as the mask is applied to the patient’s face, it starts working and stops automatically when the mask comes off the face. There is a pressure delay ramp, which can help them relax and sleep more easily, as well as the technology exhalation comfort (FLEX), which helps patient compliance and makes the device user-friendly. The self-adjusting device will automatically adapt to the different needs of the patient during sleep, setting the appropriate pressure and recording a detailed history given with the smart code via the internet. The electrical requirement is 65 watts, while it can also work with 12V from the car cigarette lighter.