HeartScreen 112 – C1

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12-channel electrocardiograph HeartScreen 112 – C1 Twelve-

channel desktop electrocardiograph of modern technology, durable construction with display screen 3,6 or 12 channels +1 channel (rate) and corresponding printout.
Built-in analysis/diagnosis program with averages and curves, arrhythmia analysis, statistics.
Additional INNOBASEforWindows program for archiving / viewing on PC Screen, printing on A4 external printer.


12 simultaneous sampling classical or Cabrera leads
112mm wide zfold thermal printer, printing per 3/6/12 channels simultaneously, with speeds of 5-25-50mm/sec
Sensitivity settings: 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV
Large 5.7” color screen, LCD for displaying 12 +1 leads
Sampling frequency (sampling frequency) 8,000 Hz / channel
Mains power and high-capacity battery operation with built-in quick-charger 2 hours full charge from an empty battery.
With battery 8 hours monitoring & 60 minutes printing.
Memory for patient ECG storage
Automatic and operator selectable print length
Current, muscle tremor and baseline filters.
Z-fold paper with pages 112×150 mm X 300 pages and for vertical printing & all 12 channels together.
Pacemaker pulse recognition and recording
Weight 1.9 kg, dimensions: 295 X 225 X 80 mm.
Details on the printout: patient name, age, code, date/time, sensitivity, clamps, electrode status, presence of filters.
Analysis data: range and duration of measured parameters in QRS averages, heart rate, , QT, PQ, QRS and diagnostic categories
manufactured in accordance with the safety specifications of the European Union, (class CF according to the IEC 601-1 directive) and carries a CE certificate