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The NEW SPIROBANK II ® spirometer with its innovative design and ease of use (navigation through images) is the new benchmark in portable spirometers. The completeness of the examined parameters, and the possibility of oximetry make it a small portable laboratory for specialists.

Available in four versions:

Version: BASIC

Version: SMART (wireless connection with iPAD)

Version: ADVANCED (without oximeter)

Version: ADVANCED PLUS (with oximeter)


All SPIROBANK II versions are offered with a reusable or disposable air turbine.

They have a high resolution 160 X 80 pixels illuminated screen.
The calculated lung age immediately gives the results after smoking cessation.
Direct analysis of results without connection to a computer.
Memory capacity up to 10,000 records
Rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours.
Connect to computer via USB cable. With the advanced version you have the possibility to do the tests on your computer in real time via Bluetooth
FVC & VC tests with basic parameters are always enabled
Full recording of spirometry and oximetry with over 45 parameters including PRE & POST bronchodilators. ( versions: smart, advanced, advanced plus )

Flow sensor: bidirectional digital turbine
Flow volume: 10 L
Flow range: ± 16L/s
Flow accuracy: ±5% or 200mL/s
Volume accuracy: ±3% or 50mL
Dynamic resistance at 12L/s: Temperature sensor: semiconductor ( 0-45º C)
Memory capacity: 10,000 recordings
Power supply: Lithium battery 3.7 V, 1100 mA, rechargeable via USB.
6-key keyboard
Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth ® 2.1
Mouthpieces: outer diameter 30 mm
Dimensions: 160 x 55 x 25 mm
Weight: approx. 140 g
Basic parameters to record, always enabled in Spirobank II: ( all versions )
VC, IVC, IC, ERV, FVC, FEV1, FEV1%, PEF, FEF 25-75%, FET, EVOL (Extrapolated Volume), ELA (Estimated Lung Age),
Additional parameters enabled by user’s choice:
( versions: smart, advanced, advanced plus )
FEV1/FVC%, DTPEF (tempo di salita PEF), FEV 0.5, FEV0.5/FVC%, FEV0.75, FEV0.75/FVC%, FEV2, FEV2/FVC%, FEV3, FEV3/FVC%, FEV6, FEV1/FEV6%, FEF25%, FEF50%, FEF75%, FEF 75-85, FIVC, FIV1, FIV1/FIVC%, FIF25%, FIF50%, FIF75%, R50, PIF, IRV, VT (instant volume), VE (minute ventilation), Rf, ti, te, ti/t-tot, VT/ti, MVV measured, MVV calculated.



It has the basic spirometry parameters:
VC, IVC, IC, ERV, FVC, FEV1, FEV1%, PEF, FEF 25-75%, FET, EVOL (Extrapolated Volume), ELA (Estimated Lung Age).

It offers the ability to connect to a computer via a USB port and is ideal for general practitioners and occupational physicians.




Wireless connection with iPAD device

It offers the possibility of performing spirometry and oximetry in real time using the iPAD and secure online storage of results (cloud storage).
The iPad app is available for free and includes free upgrades.

The SPIROBANK II Smart also offers the ability to connect to a computer via a USB port as well as optional oximetry capability.


SPIROBANK II Advanced and Advanced Plus

The Advanced and Advanced Plus versions offer the full range of spirometry parameters (basic and additional). They also offer the ability to connect to a computer via a USB port or wirelessly using Bluetooth.
The oximetry feature is available for the Advanced Plus version and is optional for the Advanced version.

With the oximetry feature, you quickly and easily record SpO2 and heart rate in a plethysmography curve. The final results are displayed on the screen.

Oximetry technical features:
SpO2 range: 0-99% SpO2 accuracy: ± 2%, tra 70-99 %SpO2
Heart rate range: 18-300 bpm.
Heart rate accuracy: ± 2 bpm, or 2%.
Adjustable alarms: ON-OFF, SpO2 & pulse range, finger removed, probe inserted, low battery
Offered with soft finger sensor (other sensors, neonatal, pediatric, ear, reusable or non-reusable are additionally available)

Oximetry parameters recorded:
Min-Max- Average SpO2, Pulse Rate Range-Media, test duration, T90% [time SpO2 <= 89%], T89% [time SpO2 <= 88%], Total Events SpO2, T40 (time Bradycardia with Frequency pulse 120 BPM)


winspiroPRO software :
Log report with multiple print categories
Full set of parameters including FVC, VC/IVC, MVV, POST-BD & Bronchial Challenge test.
Flow/Volume loop and Volume/Time curve in real time with PRE/POST comparator.
Graphical display of SpO2, heart rate & statistical analysis of desaturation events
Special pediatric software for inhalations / exhalations.