ResMed® AirFit N30 Nasal Mask


AirFit N30 is ResMed’s new proposal with a minimal design. It is a small and quiet mask, designed to be comfortable and easy to use. The cradle type pad is small like the nasal pads except that it doesn’t go into the nostrils but “nests” right under them, giving freedom to your nose.

Minimizing contact with the mask offers a unique feel and comfort and says goodbye to the annoying red marks left by classic nasal masks.

AirFit N30 is quiet due to air diffusion through the QuietAir™ system and is an ideal solution.
AirFit N30 is easy to apply and use. The small curves of the silicone sit naturally under the nose for an innovative fit. The adjustable headband tightens and loosens effortlessly and is made of soft materials for extra sleeping comfort.

The AirFit N30 is a lightweight nasal mask with a compact design, an incredibly soft cradle-shaped cushion that rests under your nose and hugs your nostrils.