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Onyx Vantage 9590 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter – USA
Onyx is the only fingertip pulse oximeter with scientifically proven accuracy in the most challenging situations, including patients with poor perfusion or dark skin tones.
Durable – Drop-proof and water-resistant
Efficient – ​​Up to 6,000 samples or 36 hours of continuous operation on two AAA batteries
Safe – Made in the USA lead-free and latex -free
Versatile – One device covers the widest patient age range from pediatric to adult patients
Guaranteed – Leading the competition, 4-year warranty
Cost Effective – Proven accuracy, quality and durability make the Onyx Vantage a smart long-term purchase
Easy-to-read physician-readable LED display –
SpO2 and pulse readings read from any angle, in all lighting conditions, day or night.
Pulse quality LED indicator, three colors.
The green, yellow or red light provides a rapid assessment of the patient’s pulse quality.
Accuracy across the widest range of patients and conditions.
Only Nonin uses PureSAT® SpO2 technology – an intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide accuracy in challenging situations such as light to dark skinned, well to poorly perfused patients and more.
A product suitable for pediatric up to adult patients.
It automatically adjusts to every patient from pediatric to older adults and accommodates a wide range of finger, thumb or toe thicknesses: 8 mm to 25.4 mm (0.3″ to 1.0″).
Proven durability. Onyx Vantage is tested to withstand up to 50 drops, can be used in the most demanding conditions and exceeds the IP32 test for water ingress.
Automatic on and off – No on/off button!
Simply place the finger for quick and easy sample checks.
The automatic on/off mechanism allows two AAA batteries to provide up to 6,000 sample checks before they need to be replaced! Portable – Take the Onyx Vantage anywhere — it’s lightweight and weighs less than sixty grams.

Good operation guarantee four (4) years

It is available in four colors – Black, Red, Blue and Purple.
Includes the following: Cord, user manual on CD, two AAA batteries. Optional carrying case and retractable lanyard available