NONIN 9847

Αποστολή 3-5 εργάσιμες μέρες

Nonin Medical ‘s 9847 oximeter – breath meter offers fast and reliable measurements from the first breath with certified accuracy and durability. The 9847 pulse oximeters combine pulse oximetry with reliable CO2 detection – making them ideal for reliable instantaneous measurements or continuous monitoring in a wide range of clinical applications including outpatient and emergency room use.

Simple: Operation with just two buttons
Compact and light: Unit weight only 213 gr
Flexible: Versions with or without adjustable alarms
Powerful : 72 hours measurement memory
Efficient: 90 hours of autonomy (SpO2), 20 hours of autonomy (SpO2 & CO2)
Compatible: Works with the entire SpO2 PureLight® line of sensors
User-friendly: Large easy-to-read LED display. Low battery indicator.
It has visual and audible alarms for all parameters (includes apnea alarm).

The package includes:

An Oximetry Sensor of your choice in addition.
A breathalyzer sensor suitable for connection to intubated patients.
AA alkaline battery set.
Three (3) pieces of disposable connectors, for connecting to intubated patients.
User manual on CD-ROM.