NONIN 7500

Αποστολή 3-5 εργάσιμες μέρες

The Nonin 7500 model is designed with a unique low profile that can easily be placed on a table or in its own carrying case.

The simple functionality of the portable Nonin 7500 , with a minimum battery life of 16 hours, a 4-hour fast recharge and 70 hours of memory, makes it suitable for a variety of clinical applications as well as home care.

Key Features :

Proven PureSAT ® oximetry technology.
Easy to use bright LED screens and large projection screen.
Durable and sturdy design.
Powerful memory , more than 70 hours for extended monitoring.
It is suitable for use both in neonatology departments, in intensive care and for home use.
Flexible stand-alone use or interfaced with other devices.

User Friendly Interface.

The Nonin 7500 offers indications such as :

PI Peripheral Circulation Bar Chart. Color-coded bar graph helps assess patient status. A beep sounds with each pulse. The tone changes with the patient’s saturation level.
Pulse Quality Indicator Detects patient movements or changes in signal quality that may require sensor position stabilization.
Sensor Failure Indicator Indicates when a sensor is disconnected, miscalibrated, failed, or incompatible with the device.

The package includes:

Oximetry sensor of your choice
Mains power cable
An Avant B Battery Pack (customized to the device),

User manual on CD-ROM