HeartScreen 80 G-L1

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The HeartScreen 80 G-L1 is a portable twelve-channel electrocardiograph with a 3.5″ color LCD touch screen, modern technology, modern design and durable construction that exceeds the functional needs of a cardiology department. It is offered for easy transportation and expansion of its capabilities.


Dimensions: 25x15x7 cm, weight: 1.2kg
12 channel amplification unit with electrically isolated input for ECG derivation.
Large color LCD touchscreen to display all 12 leads per three plus one rhythm channel.
Program “analysis – diagnosis” and arrhythmias
Sensitivity settings 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV
Network noise, muscle tremor and isoelectric line cutoff filters
Built-in thermal printer, 80 mm wide paper and speeds of 5-25-50 mm/sec capable of printing all 12 channels (by three)
In addition, rate, date, time, paper speed, sensitivity, lead name are displayed on the printout.
It has visual and audible indicators (alarm) for the conductivity of the electrodes.
Stores cardiograms that can be printed at a later time.
Membrane and touch keyboard with alphanumeric characters.
Automatic or manual printing option.
Operates on mains or rechargeable batteries that provide 6 hours of operation and 30 minutes of printing
Direct 12-channel printing on A4 paper
10-lead patient cable with defibrillation protection
“INNOBASE for WINDOWS” program for editing, saving, viewing on a PC and printing on an A4 printer.
It is manufactured according to the safety standards of the European Union and has a CE certificate.

Manufacturer: Innomed Medical LTD, Budapest, Hungary