Flexifit 431 Full Face Mask – Nasal Mask


FlexiFit 431 is one of F&P’s most successful mask models. Easy to wear, comfortable to use and with an effective seal thanks to the high FlexiFit™ technology. It applies comfortably to the face by gliding over it.

FlexiFit™ Technology: Protects the points of contact and seal of the cushion with the face, as the silicone spreads around the contour of the cushion. Anatomical silicone seal with controlled pressure in the sensitive area of ​​the nose, FlexiFit 431 offers an absolute seal and an effective seal without pressing the face.

Headband with Glider Mechanism: It has a special oscillating mechanism (Glider) that absorbs the pressures caused when changing sides while sleeping, stabilizing the mask on the head without causing discomfort. Prevents a possible fall of the mask from the face.

Release Cord: Easy and quick release of the mask with a simple movement of the release cord.

Crown Strap: The crown strap effectively contributes to the stability of the mask on the face.

Velcro closure: The straps are fastened with a Velcro system, which effectively helps to adjust the mask quickly.

Fit & Forget: With just one initial setting, it’s set no matter how many times you wear it, so you have more time for yourself, since there’s no need to readjust your features.

Silent Operation: Thanks to the small recesses, FlexiFit 431 directs the air flow away from the user and his partner offering a pleasant and uninterrupted sleep.