Flexifit 405 Nasal Mask – Nasal Mask


F&P’s FlexiFit 405 is the follow-up to the Aclaim 2. Comfortable and user-friendly, the FlexiFit 405 is today a classic mask, gaining in value over time. With FlexiFit technology and the unique Glider™ mechanism, the seal is not affected by side changes in sleep, because the strap along the mask frame is directed one right and one left, depending on the movement of the head. In addition, it provides safety to new users, thanks to the 2 Cushions Small and Large enclosed in the package, meeting the needs of each user, regardless of the size of the face. The discreet design of the headband with the fewest possible straps, makes the FlexiFit 405 one of the easiest masks to wear, reducing the contact of the straps with the face and allowing the mask to be quickly removed with only one hand, removing one end of the headband from the Glider™.