CPAP Auto Lowenstein Prisma Smart

Αποστολή 3-5 εργάσιμες μέρες


The new auto CPAP Lowenstein Prisma SMART is self-adjusting, with pressure from 4hPa to 20hPa, absolutely silent at 26.5 db even at high pressures, and thanks to its new screen, extremely easy to use and manage

Features CPAP and APAP functions (automatically responding with continuous pressure adjustments to meet patient needs), Softstart, Autostart, new improved SOFT PAP exhalation pressure reduction function, and OPP (Obstructive Pressure Peak) technology to distinguish of central apnea from obstructive sleep apnea

The auto CPAP Lowenstein Prisma SMART has the ability to identify periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea and flow limitation. It will also notify you (alarm) in case of leakage or disconnection of the mask with an indication on the screen (Continuous control of the mask and automatic recognition by the device).

Optionally, you can install the Löwenstein Prisma Aqua heated humidifier, which can be adjusted with just 1 movement from the device

The package includes the auto CPAP Lowenstein Prisma SMART, circuit (patient tube), power supply, SD card (365 days extensive data) and carrying case.

Warranty 2 years