CPAP Auto BMC Resmart GII


RESmart Auto is BMC Medical’s representative in the category of self-adjusting CPAP devices (APAP), which adjust the air pressure based on the user’s personal needs for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

RESmart Auto is a very reliable and at the same time economical solution, with advantages usually found in much more expensive Auto-CPAP devices, such as the following:

Compensating for air leaks to ensure more effective treatment.
Optional integrated heated InH2 humidifier.
Data recording for one (1) year on SD memory card.
Alert alarm in case of large air leaks as well as in case of disconnection of the circuit.
Reslex function (Expiratory Pressure Release) to reduce the inspiratory pressure during exhalation, in order to facilitate the user.
Automatic treatment start (Auto-Start up) and stop (Auto-Stop).